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Kevin verses Arnolio

Oct 14, 2012, 3:40 PM 45

Played as arnolio against speshalk since we had almost same rank 1083 vs 1082. The first match seemed close for awhile, but then he took over center and forced a pawn all the way down to put constant pressure on my side and basically started moving my pieces. What seemed a close match quickly turned into a butt kicking as he began to score and close in on me. I resigned and he had won game one emphatically. Game two was similiar with both of us tied up in a close match. However, after queen exchange he again was able to advance a pawn and this time turned the match into a total rout. I had asked for a draw earlier when it seemed close and neither seemed that much in control. He refused and by the end I was giving up in a hurry, as he threatened to move down another pawn for yet another queen. In match 3 it seemed that he was beginning to dominate again but he blundered away his queen. Desperate not to lose in a 3 game sweep, I was able to get in and score enough to score a checkmate...Kevin's game is a good match for mine and we should be good rivals in our next matchup!! Congrats to him for winning 2 of 3 decisively.

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