Games from Mikhail Tal and Paul Morphy

Games from Mikhail Tal and Paul Morphy

Jul 21, 2012, 4:13 AM |

Here in The Netherlands my sister just returned from the hospital thanks to a team of surgeons and doctors. Overseas in the USA over 30 people are taken to the hospital and 12 to their grave due to one single idiot. All the best to everyone hurt physically or mentally.

For this post lets turn our attention to a much more joyfull subject,..chess. In the past week I played some online blitz here and there, one game even worse then the other. But hey! part off chess is giving joy to others, by butching your own games :-)

Also I uploaded two chess related videos to my Youtube-channel. One is an analysis between Mikhail Tal and Vasily Smyslov played in 1959 Yugoslavia. Which features crazy attacking skills as you might expect.

The other upload is a game between Paul Morphy and his student Charles Maurian (1866) played in New Orleans 1866. Whilst I consider this second game to be less instructive, it does show a double piece sacrifice. And in my modest opinion all games from Paul Morphy are at least enjoyable to watch. Have fun.





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