Serious timetrouble

Serious timetrouble

Aug 5, 2012, 3:29 AM |

So I have not been looking at games of masters the past week.
Chess related all I have done the past days is messing around a bit. Making a couple off moves on, blitzing some games without really paying attention on FICS and watching some short youtube videos here and there.

Come to think of it, I also tried my hand on video editing. I'm certainly no star in that area, but I wanted to see if I could create a decent picture in picture chessclip. Perhaps I'll use it to create some footage of next years club blitz championship. For this purpose I needed some footage, so I challenged a friend (psv21) to some blitzgames. In OTB he is rated a small 500-600 points below me, so to make it more interesting I got a time-handicap. 01:00 vs 05:00

And interesting it was. Not only the (horrible) games itself, but also the speed at which moves can be made.

In this position 



















White would clearly be winning, if he did have more then the 2 seconds on the clock. Now the fact that black still has material seems to be his undoing. However white manages to complete the following line before flagging.  50... hxg3 51.Kxg3 Kg6 52.f4 Kf5 53.Kf3 Kf6 54.Ke3 Kf7 (black knocks over his own king) 55.Kd4 Kf6 56.Kc5 Kf5 57.Kxb5 (securing the draw) 57...Kxf4 58.Kc6 Kf3 59.b5 game drawn 1/2-1/2

Yes, you read it correct. White manages to squeeze in 9 more moves with 2 seconds on the clock. True  you can not read the time left behind a seperator so it will be a little more then 2 seconds. But even if it is 2.9 seconds that would still give less then 1/3 of a second on average to complete each move, including 2 captures. The moves white made are made by the book,  only the last move 59.b5 was in a tiny bit early, but the draw was allready secure and also the flag fell after that move. If 59.b5 would have been a move delivering mate or stalemate it would stand. You can see for  yourself in this video

In the second game an irregularity occured that hit my curiousity.  It seemed material for the column off international arbiter Geurt Gijssen on chesscafe. You can read his interesting column here

The following mail was send to him

Dear Geurt,

Recently I played  some 1 minute vs 5 minutes handicapped blitzgames against a friend. In one of those games we get the following position.

White plays 1.a5 and has only 2 seconds left on his clock. The game continues  1...Bc5 2. Kh1 h4 3.g4 white clearly still has one second left. Now black plays the legal move 3...Kg6 but in the process knocks over  his g5 pawn which lands on g3, then presses his clock and white flags.

You can view this incident in the last 15 seconds of this less then 1 minute youtube video

Now imagine this occured during an official blitz tournament, what would your ruling as an arbiter be?  Q1: Would white be able to claim a win due to the illegal position, would black win because white flagged or would you reïnstate the position.
Q2: If you would re-instate the position, how much time should white get? If he gets 1 second he will lose on time, if he gets 10 seconds or more he would win easily. Seems like a though decision for an arbiter.
Q3: What would your ruling be if this happened during a normal (slow) game with no increment and white had to get 5 more moves in to make the timecontrol?

Thx for your effords and great column.

When/If he replies to this mail I'll let you all know.

The third game I uploaded entirely to my Youtubechannel, I know it's not a very good game, but he! it is blitz so go easy on us will you :-)

This is the first time I ever annotated a game in which I had 1 minute, but here it is

The resulting (test)video can be viewed here

Now, I still have something for you a chessproblem that a titled player (wgm) could not solve, so far that is.. because she refuses to receive the solution.

Here it is a mate in 3. You are warned it is a though one.

The solution will be in my next blogpost. Good luck.