Meeting a 1.Nc3. (Van Geet opening)

Meeting a 1.Nc3. (Van Geet opening)

Jan 2, 2015, 6:37 PM |

A few blitz games my opponents started the battle with the unusual move 1.Nc3.
Not having a surplus of time, I was doing moves 1...d5 and after 2.e4 de 3.Ne4 Nd7 4.Nf3 Ngf6 white gets a comfortable game without spending any effort.

The engine evaluates this position +0.2 pawns.

In another opening, I would be satisfied with such events. But not here.

So I learned that this is the opening is called Van Geet opening.
There is at least one game in which this move did Bogolyubov. But this move was named after the Dutch chess player Dirk Daniel Van Geet.

Then I began to search for a good example of action against this pernicious system. And I found an example that struck me as worthy of praise.

Then I tried to make conclusions from these games.

If black close the center with d5 - d4, they must be active on the kingside. How to do it? The attack takes place by means of two instruments, the specific choice depends on the position of the white knight. If Knight is waiting around the king, we will try to stretch his attacks Bc8-g4 (like Stephensson). If he goes on the square g3, then a strong solution will be move forward pawn h like did it Shulman, and it is not dangerous for black until the center is closed.

Had to wait for this first move.

Finally! Here's what happened with me.