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Dec 30, 2014, 12:36 PM |

Hello, friends!
In November, I learned about the possibility to make a blog on chesscom, and posted here are some thoughts that arise me by the board. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of readers, and not all of my entries are causing a desire to comment on them. But this is not surprising, since I am an ordinary player, not the GM, and my English is poor.

Here we go.

Therefore, I am grateful to my readers, and I sincerely appreciate those who have discussed my blogs and my game.
Now I would like to remind you of some of the posts that have generated the most views. I suggest you read them if you missed it.

Is pleased to announce that the most views collected these blogs:

My favourite games

This is a blog where I proposed to find the best move for White. The situation is taken from my game in the team tournament. The move made me brought victory. And I must say that I am surprised that none of the more than three hundred visitors to this page does not even suggested how to play white. Hmm. Really there is no conjectures?


Is it cheating?

Small topic in which I proposed to discuss common situations when playing online, and decide whether they are honest? I agree that expressed my readers and friends on this page.


Hole in my ship

Here I shown a new situation for me in the opening and requested help to come up with an answer to it. But of three hundred readers of the blog "Hole on my ship", only one person gave me advice. Or, this situation is not interesting, or are hidden theoretical mystery. I do not know.


Paul Morphy vs Me

Yeah, this guy, his name is Paul Morphy (Sir Paul Morphy). He sits without bishop in the endgame, but does not offer a draw. I do not know what to do with a stubborn, but we will finish this game - you can be sure!



Finally, a blog to which visitors accessed more than two hundred times - a story about some of my games in the interesting opening, known as the Scandinavian Defense. I hope that you will not regret the time out to see these games.

My request is that you should feel free to read and comment on my entries.


My congratulations to the New Year. I wish you a lot of interesting games to play!