How I Play the London System
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How I Play the London System

Feb 28, 2018, 8:01 PM |

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to show you my favorite opening, the London System. Now, some people say it's a good opening because of the aggressive lines and some people say that it is not good as people keep playing the same moves and don't learn anything.

The main idea is to bring the pawn on d4, the Knights on c3 and d2 (Which I have not shown frustrated.pngoops), the bishops on f4 and d3, the Queen on c2 and the rook attacking on h1. The c3 knight later comes to e5 supported by the d2 knight coming on c3 and has a lovely time. Some people bring their queen to f3 and then h3, so that is a possibility.


Now, to get you some games on the London System, an old one and a new one.

And a recent one...

This is another one of the styles of London System: Bringing the Bishop on f4 first and castling kingside. I used to castle queenside to double up my rooks but nowadays I have a different approach.


So, to summarize, the London System is an opening which can be played with different styles, but with one common style: to get the london setup. Which is like this:

But even this has slight variants, which I told you before.


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