Be informed, Be Free

Nov 15, 2012, 3:28 AM |
Whilst we sit comfortably in our cosy homes, a grid is being setup in the USA & in Europe.... A grid to control & iliminate possible mass human population movements.

Switzerland is increasing it's army in fear of these mass riots (that have started):

Privatisation of Intelligence Agencies ....

The result of this grid is:

If people don't take a stance they'll end up like processed meat ...

Be informed on the truth, inform others around you. The governance of this world is EVIL & we need to fight it back... which means we cannot count on the system anymore.

This is where the importance of getting together is crucial. Remember their tactic has been to keep us divided for thousands of years (colors of skin, religion, social ladder..etc...etc...)... KEEP DIVIDED TO BETTER RULE

Get together in meetings ! Share ideas to help each other for organice food, energy sources....etc...etc... The more we work locally, the more successful we'll be...

For example, learn how to barter again, try to regroup food purchases from several houses to obtain better prices at your local organic producers...