Defeating the Steinitz Defense in Ruy Lopez? Blitz games

Feb 19, 2016, 1:15 PM |

Hello, I recently came across something that has worked rather well for me in blitz games -My rating climbed from 1134 to a peak 1264 (but after 3am went down to it's current level 1238.- and I won several games with the following variation of the Ruy Lopez.

I am having trouble getting PGN files from those games to load into the analysis board so I just copied the links.
One game from tonight:
13th move I blundered by not playing NxRd1
Another one but with n. ...Nf6:
There were a few other games with similar situations but I played at least 40 blitz games today  so finding them is a bit tedious.
Experienced players: Any tips on how I could perfect this opening? Any particular weakness? I plan to start using it on some OTB games.