My own style vol.0

Oct 11, 2007, 6:54 PM |


When I was trying to start somehow this article I just spaced out for more than an hour looking at the screen, hoping that all my thoughts would just magically organized and I could start witting nonstop till finish; Unlucky for me this never happened hehe!, So... because this lack of inspiration I’ll start first explaining the main reason of this blog article, that being said here we go.

Chess it’s an expression of the way of thinking from someone, how this person react against the unknown, the surprise, the adverse; it’s an amazing struggle between two great minds, making plans, planning strategies, fighting blow against blow, and it’s there where the richness, the beauty of the game lays on.  

Know yourself and your enemy and you will win battles in hundreds, Know yourself but not your enemy and your chance of win or lose will be even, Be ignorant of yourself and your enemy and I assure you that every battle will become a defeat

Since long time ago great people tell us know yourself, yet it’s not an easy task to accomplish, but during our bloodiest battles in the black and white jungle we learn in what kind of territory we fight better we also learn how do we react when we are under stressful situations, and the more we learn this, more we know about our personality, this self knowledge includes our weakest points, what we don’t like, what make us feel unease it could be long strategic battles where you need to make progress step by step or wild open battles with arrows flying everywhere. As soon as we start detecting all this things we can start working on them, making our weakest points into strengths, refining our strong points like refining a beautiful melody.

At first this sound as impossible as trying to play a Mozart sonnet when we barely can play the instrument but we need to remember that every long journey start with the 1st step, this journey of self discovery will help us not only in chess but into our daily life serving as fertile soil for our growth as human, this being said I wish the best for everyone in this adventure.