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Resourceful Master Tournament

Feb 17, 2008, 9:13 PM 40
"Resourceful Master Tournament"
1.- Background  & About me                               
2.- Openings                                      
    a) Queen's Gambit \ Slav Defense    
    b) Queen's Gambit \ Declined         
    c) Sicilian Defense                          
    d) Ruy Lopez \ Morphy Defense
    e) English Opening \ Reversed Sicilian
    d) King's Indian Attack \ Reti Opening
3.- Tournament Details
    a) Convocation
    b) Specifications & Pairing's
    c) Tie Break
    d) Prices
4.- Q&A
5.- Round's Pairing
    a) Round 1 
    b) Round 2
    c) Round 3
    d) Round 4
    e) Round 5
    f) Round 6
6.- Tournament Ranking
7.- Contact Information 
8.- Players 
1.- Background
    One of the most exiting things about chess its (within a lot other's) it's almost endless possibility's it offer to us the brave adventurers that dare to step into this Black and White Jungle a place where you must kill or be killed, however its seems that once we find some pace in this jungle we stay there must of the time afraid of all the dangers outside our little tree, and because of this when some one take us out of there we feel afraid, uncomfortable, fragile; and in consequence we can't make our very best and being in a place where you must be better than your opponent to survive the natural occurrence its that you get killed.
    This being said the reason to organize this tournament its to test the participants in different scenario's to help them prepare for the things that happen all the time when you go to a tournament, people study your games, and prepare for yourself the worst scenario possible for you, ... your very private hell.
    About me, well besides what you already know about me for my profile, i like to help people to improve themselves when i got some spare time and i thinks this its a good way to do it. 
2.- Openings
    When i was referring about your tree in the Background section i was talking about opening variant's and its not far from what i said earlier, once we find an opening line we feel comfortable with we stop looking for other ones, its true that we must have some repertoire but we must never forget we'r adventures and we must not lose the will to keep exploring this jungle.
    When i was selecting the openings that will be used on the tournament i try to chose popular one's since this its my first attempt to organize a tournament and also i don't know how the people will react at this multi thematic tournament's (i think this its the 1st one on the site); also after selecting it i look for the ones that in the ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) that are classified as unclear, for making it the most fair possible for white and black players. Said that the selected openings where the next ones. (in the last two selected openings its black to move)
a) Queen's Gambit \ Slav Defense ECO D'10
1.-d4,d5 2.-c4,c6 
b) Queen's Gambit \ Declined ECO D30
1.-d4,d5 2.-c4,e6
c) Sicilian Defense ECO B21
d) Ruy Lopez \ Morphy Defense ECO C60
1.-e4,e5 2.-Nf3,Nc6 3.-Bb5,a6
e) English Opening \ Reversed Sicilian ECO A21
1.-c4,e5 2.-Nc3
d) King's Indian Attack \ Reti Opening ECO A09
1.-Nf3,d5 2.-c4
3.- Tournament Details.
    You already know the nature and purpose of the tournament if you are interested in participate please keep reading other way thank you for reading this far and if you have any suggestions to improve for next tournaments please let me know. This being said lets start with the details.
a) Convocation
    a.1.- There will be 32 open places to participate.
        if the people have a good answer to the event the capacity might increase.
    a.2.- This tournament its open for all the people with Chess.com ranking of 1500+.
       Its not exclusive and it will have other criteria in consideration so if you want to participate and your rank its below 1500 please read the Q&A section [D00]
    a.3.- Time control will be 1 or 3 days per move.
        You have the right to chose the time control withing the above mentioned, if you and your opponent cant agree on the time control the default time will be 3 days.
    a.4.- Rating.
        The default setting will be non rated unless both of the players agree to make it rated.
b) Specifications & Pairing'.
    b.1.- It will be a Swiss Duvob Tournament.
    (if you already know how this kind of tournament work skip this part if you wish)

    In Swiss tournaments, all players compete in one big group. Pairings are created such that a maximum excitement can be expected. This is accomplished by trying to pair as much as possible players with the same score. If this is not possible, then players with a small score difference may also be paired. The idea behind it is that a player with 5 points is probably of similar strength as an other player with 5 points. If another player has 4½ this probably can still be a very interesting game, but an opponent having 1 point, or having 10 points, is probably not of equal strength. These pairings are avoided as much as possible.

There are a few restrictions to this principle:

The same pairing is not allowed twice.
There is supposed to be a fair balance between the number of games played with white and the number with black for every participant.

    The different Swiss variants differ mainly by the way they try to pair players with the same number of points. These are said to be in the same score group. The variant on Duvob pairs the players according to their Duvob score. The player with the highest Duvob will be paired against the player with the lowest. This is an attempt to equalize the level of competition for each player and in addition to this it also equalize the number played with white and black as much as possible.

    b.2.- Besides the Chess.com ranking all the players will start with a 1800 ELO.
        This is only for tournament organization purposes, [This is not related in any way with your Chess.com ranking and it certainly will not modify it] +10 for wining +5 for draw -10 for losing on your tournament ELO, also in the ranking it will be made as 1 , 1/2 , 0 respectively.
    b.3.- The parings will be randomly generated under the Swiss Duvob Rules.
        Once the pairings are displayed there will be non modification on it.
    b.4.- Play the in turn variant.
        If you or your opponent play something different from it, the one who went out of it will automatically lose, so please follow the in turn variant once you get out of the moves i specified on the opening section you may play as you like (further explanation if needed will be granted at the Q&A section [D00]).
    b.5.- Refrain from using more than 5 days of vacations per round.
        This is mainly because i don't think its fair to keep waiting all the players just because of 1. if you take more than 5 days of vacations you will lose that round.
    b.6.- All the games for this tournament must be named  "Resourceful Master Tournament"
        Just for organization reasons, thank you for your cooperation. 
    b.7.- Get fun and enjoy the tournament and learn the most you can from the experience.
        Its and Order :P, please remember chess its meant to be fun so lets enjoy it.
c) Tie Break.
    In case of this there will be followed certain criteria of un-tie, ranking, Tournament ELO, if drawn games blacks get preference, Chess.com ELO, TOA (total opponents achievements), etc.
d) Prices.
    "There are no greater possession than knowledge"  so that its your price the experience, the acquired knowledge and the enjoyment of the event.
4.- Q&A
    4.1.- If I'm not 1500+ i can't participate?
        I know your ELO ranking may not be Representative of your real game strength, that's why if you are under this ELO please post that you want to participate and i'll check your profile, and after doing it ill ell you if you are able or not to participate on the tournament.
        Also if you just joined the site but you have any game archive that show your game strength please send me that information (look at contact section [G00]).
    4.2.- Will playing on this tournament will modify my Chess.com ranking?
        No if you don't set the games as rated remember that unless both of the players agree to make it rated it shall remain unrated.
        And of course after the tournament experience your game strength might increase and due this also your Chess.com ranking.
    4.3.- Why the default setting its unrated?
        Since you  are not actually choosing your opponent i believe this is the most appropriate.
    4.4.-I know the tournament already started  may i join?
        Only if some player don't want to keep playing due certain reasons, and there is a free spot other way I'm sorry, wait for the next tournament.
    4.5.- Hey you said that if there was enough people the size of the tournament would increase too.
        Because I'm doing this on my free times and organizing a tournament requires time and some effort the max capacity will be increased to 64 spots (it would be great if this happen!!!!!)
    4.6.- You already said I'm in. Why my name don't appear on the players list?
        Please have me a little patience if after 24hrs you posted your inquire and i haven't included you on the list, contact me please.
    4.7.- Hey i posted on the forum that i wanted to get in!
        You won't be added until you post your intention to join here, thank you and sorry for any troubles it might have caused you.
    4.8.- What is that ID thingy?
        Its just for organizational reasons please don't mind it.
    4.9.- When does the Tournament will start?
        As soon as we get enough players if we don't have the 32 person by the end of month we start with the people we have and ill reduce the number of Rounds according to this.
    4.A.- How do i will get informed?
        I suggest you that keep track of the blog, but ill personally send a message to all the players when we get ready to start, after i post the pairing people will have 3 days to start their game.
    4.B.- Why does his name have an star?
        Trut be told i don't know maybe a bug cose it dont apear when im edit the post, but when i learn how to exploit it (lol) ill make use of it on the pairings xD.
    4-C.-  Hey my rating have improved please update it.
        I'll update all ratings just before setting up the pairs after that i'll not check them again.
    Any other interesting question that pop up later will be added here don't worry.
5.- Round's Pairing
    a) Round 1
To be Updated
    b) Round 2
To be Updated
    c) Round 3
To be Updated
    d) Round 4
To be Updated
    e) Round 5
To be Updated
    f) Round 6
To be Updated
6.- Tournament Ranking
 To be Updated
7.- Contact Information.
    Please feel free to contact me and send me any suggestions and comments via chess.com msg or my chess.com mail zamudio@chess.com, ill gladly read them and if needed reply asap.
8.- Players
neneko (2082)       
Edesh (1555)         
kaisawin (1711)    
Metris (1805)        
musiquismo (1475) 
Leo_Rosene (2170)
mulengae (2151)
Foodle (1470)
Singa (2135)
cosmin (1838)
fericitu (1550)
hondoham (1776)
orejano (1500)
erikido23 (1830)
demuxer (1500)
Fresh (1720)
theCandyman (1530)
Sothilde (1975)
mikii (2232)
bgradsky (1857)
itaibn (1557)
cdkirk0641 (1800)
kanon (1587)
IndridCold (1900)
Old-Spring (1850)
SaintNick (1742)
Azoth (2116)          
ID 00000
ID 00001
ID 00010
ID 00011
ID 00100
ID 00101
ID 00110
ID 00111
ID 01000
ID 01001
ID 01010
ID 01011 
ID 01100
ID 01101
ID 01110 
ID 01111
ID 10000
ID 10001
ID 10010
ID 10011
ID 10100
ID 10101
ID 10110 
ID 10111
ID 11000
ID 11001
ID 11010
ID 11011
ID 11100
ID 11101
ID 11110 
ID 11111 

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