This is what Jesus has done for all of mankind!

Jan 15, 2015, 10:37 PM |

He has conquered death and paid the ransom for every human being in His blood!




The ransom had to be paid because Adam disobeyed God. As a Man of His Word God had to terminate Adams life! God told Adam if you disobey Me and eat the forbidden fruit you will die! Adam died. And as a consequence of his disobedience we all must die!


Thus every human being is a captive to death and to be released there has to be a ransom! That ransom has been paid in full and more!


Jesus paid the ransom but it is only available to those who believe in Jesus and obey Him = believe in your heart (your heart = your behaviour => your behaviour testifies that you obey).




Get to know Jesus and start believing in Him => Resurrection and eternal life in Heaven!

Read the Gospel of Mark, it is a good beginning.