BEWARE FRIENDS(dont share ur mobile number 2 unknown faces)

BEWARE FRIENDS(dont share ur mobile number 2 unknown faces)

Sep 11, 2012, 7:35 AM |

This happened to a girl at my office...

Last Thursday, My office mate got a call from an unknown number.
The caller was talking very indecently, which continued as vulgar sexual talk.

She disconnected the call.
Then, she was getting continuous missed calls and sms like 'You're ____, right?'
'I know you. You're good looking' continued as vulgar msgs.
She started crying and informed about this to her boyfriend, who immediately called that number. That Son of a B**** talked to her BF like this, "Oh.. You're her boyfriend? Don't act like a hero. You can't do me anything. I'll continue this with her."

The girl came crying to office on Friday and said this to one of the lady TL.
She immediately rang that number from her mobile, and scolded him like anything. He disconnected the call. A few minutes then, the TL was getting continuous calls from unknown numbers. She didn't know what to do at all.

When me and my TL came to know about all these, we called that SOB from our office land line.... I wouldn't have spoken that many bad words to anyone. But, he was still laughing.
When we warned him about complaining to Police, he never showed a sign of fear. He was just speaking like it's nothing new for him and his altime job is harassing girls.

But, the following 2 days was very bad for my TL and that lady TL.. they received almost 200 calls and lots of vulgar SMS from diff. ppl.
They all said that 'They saw an ad in website regarding call girl and sex chat with their mobile number.'
Only then, we found that that bloody b*****d had given a free ad in a leading website that 'Hi Chennai Young Men... This's ______. For hot sex with me and anytime sex chat, call me.'
He added that girl's number, My TL and the Lady TL's number in the Contact column. We were just shocked to see that ad.
We reported that ad and it was removed in the next 24 hours. Since the girl changed her number on Friday itself, she never got a call on this and we didn't took this website ad issue to her knowledge, as she would be morried and also, she is not that bold.

From my Teenage, I've heard of and also dealt with many Eve-teasing and Cyber-crime issues, that my sisters, friends and colleagues faced. But those guys wouldn't come back, if they hear a male voice. Or they would run away, if we threaten on a Police complaint. And also, in a case of my friend's sister, Me and my frnd made a police complaint under 'Cyber Crime' and the accused was caught just within 24 hours. But, this SOB is more worse, who's 24*7 job is this. Police can catch any such accused and put him behind the bars in a maximum time of 2 days.
In this case, We didn't give a POLICE complaint just because the girl was much afraid. We didn't want to make it a big issue. However, this b*****d will die in someone else hand someday.

But, GIRLS.... I want everyone of you to take a lesson on this.
This WORLD is becoming more and more transparent through technology and the society is becoming more and more insecure.
We can't blame the dogs outside, we must be safe ourselves.

Very first thing is.... SHARING NUMBERS.
Girls, pls be more careful before sharing your contact number to anyone, anywhere.

* While making recharges, prefer Top-up cards only.
If it's Easy recharge, ask your brother or father to do it for you.
(Most number of complaints through Recharge centers only, some bloody shop owners maintain even a database for this and they share it with everyone.)

* Some complaints are from Customer Care representatives too.
They use your numbers from their personal numbers.
(You can't do anything to avoid it.
But, you can immediately complaint on this to the concerned company.)

* Think a hundred times, before sharing your number with a person who isn't closer to you (or) a friend of your friend. Because there are a number of JOBLESS JACKS out there, whose only job is calling/texting unknown numbers.

* Don't give your number anywhere, at any form fillings or anything unless it is much necessary. Prefer giving your Dad or bro's number.

* MUST NOT share numbers at any Social Media Sites or Websites.

Other than all of these, Never ever hesitate to give a Police complaint at any point where someone goes beyond their limit.
The CYBER CRIME Police takes very prompt actions and you would see things finished within 48 hours.

"Our society is full of shits and stones, Let us wear a sandal to avoid for our safety."