do u know about VITAMIN F??

do u know about VITAMIN F??

Jul 30, 2012, 5:22 AM |

           Vitamin F!!!



Like all other vitamins, vitamin F is also necessary for the healthy living.     This isn't a newly found vitamin, rather its existance can be traced back to Adam and Eve era too.  
By right, this vitamin should be called Vitamin F Complex (like the  Vitamin B Complex)!!
Each components of Vitamin F complex, has a specific role in the well being of the individual. Another peculiarity of this vitamin is, it changes with age and biological changes of the body. e.g. Vit. F which was well suited during the pre school, do not fit during the primary school age.  Primary school age vitamin F may differ completely with the secondary school.  Secondary school vitamin F may differ during the tertiary education and so on. 
To enlist the entire benefits of vitamin F is beyond the scope of this e-mail.  However, some are worth  mentioning:

  • Vit. F is  essential for the well being, of our daily life.


However, hyper sensitivity / adverse reactions, do occur (bad association) with vitamin F, resulting in heinous activities.


The chemical (generic) name of the vitamin F is FRIENDS.   
Good example of Vitamin F is couple living  happily and harmoniously for several decades.