History Of Chess!

History Of Chess!

Apr 4, 2018, 8:39 AM |

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We all love playing chess, we do, our friends do, our parents do. 600 million adults play chess regularly. 70% of Indians play chess at least once a year. Chess is most commonly played in India. How did we start to play chess? How was it invented?  How has it changed over the years? That's what you will learn about today. Let's jump in. 

Chess Fact: There are 170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Ways to play the first ten chess moves.                                               See what I did here. I wrote let's jump in and put a photo of                                                                     Magnus Carlsen jumping into a pool.


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Chess was believed to be created almost 1500 years ago, at around 600 AD. Chess is believed to be created in India. Few people think it was actually created in China. Now, 1500 years ago, chess wasn't the same as it is now. Life wasn't the same as it is now. No chess.com! Imagine what all of us would spend are free time doing without chess.com. My point is, chess was not all that similar to what it is now. First of all, we must understand that more than one person created chess. In fact, the game changed continually almost all the way to the 20th century! Think about that, what if chess just constantly changed now, wouldn't that be crazy?


From the 15th century to the first world championship was considering the romantic era. Games inside that period of time had more quick tactics and maneuvers, where as games today have much more long term strategy.  Modern tournament play began in the mid 1800s. You know what I mean by modern. I don't mean that they had smartphones to put their games into between rounds. Today, we know that Magnus Carlsen, or, possibly Fabiano Caruana is the best player in the world. Who has been on top before them?



Steinz 1886-1894 Austria/America

Lasker 1894-1921 Germany

Capablanca 1921-1927 Cuba

Alekhine 1927-1934, 1937 France

Euwe 1935-1937  Netherlands

Botvinnik 1948-1957, 1958-1960, 1961-1963 Russia

Smyslov 1957-1958 Russia

Tal 1960-61 Latvia

Petrosian 1963-1969 Armenia

Spassky 1969-1972 Russia

Fischer 1972-1975 America

Karpov 1975-1985 Russia

Kasparov 1985-2000 Russia

Kramnik 2000-2007 Russia 

Anand 2007-2013 India

Carlsen 2013- Current Norway


Alright. Those were all the world champions, how long, and what country their from. Comment who you think is the best grandmaster ever. I'll show you who I think the best ever is:

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Credit: en.chessbase.com