Jul 14, 2010, 4:51 PM |

Well, I was in Florida last week and have been pretty busy reading for an awesome summer school class called Social and Cultural Exegesis.  Nevertheless, I present to you this interesting correspondence game I played in the 1st Round of the 7th Thematic Tournament (1601-1800), which featured the Old Indian Defense.  Each player has 3 days to move.  I like playing in these thematic tournaments because they strech my knowledge of various openings, which is quite lacking.  Though I was definitely outplayed in the middle game, the game ended in a draw due to a very unfortuanate move by my opponent.

As always, please leave some feedback.  How did I get into such a bad position?


He realized the mistake right when he dropped the piece, which is something I've done many, many a time playing correspondence on, though it usually takes me awhile to realize my mistake.  Lesson of the day for all of us, in the wise words of my opponent KeyserFoze, "Winning won games is sometimes harder than it looks."