A Memorial.....

Mar 2, 2011, 2:20 PM |

I feel compelled to tell my friends here about a great man that has passed. Because of my physical impairment, and the fact that others in our family are stretched thin helping other ill family and friends, I will not be able to attend his funeral. But.....I want to do something. As usual...you guys are my "next victims"...lol

I am related to this man because he is my oldest sister's husband's father. He was born and raised in Iran....(or when I think of him I think Persia and the most likely place for biblical Eden). He, his wife, daughter and son had all moved to the US. He taught me a few Iranian customs, like the two cheek Welcome kisses...I call them, and I tried to do them in my clumsy way. I can not speak more highly of the quiet dignity of the Iranian people and culture....at least as demonstrated by this man and family. He tended to listen to the American side of the family as we talked, but if he had something to add you realized he did have a very good command of English, and he never spoke with out me feeling that each word, thought, was chosen carefully, and had much wisdom......I just had to be sure not to miss anything....he was very soft spoken. Yet, had much to teach anyone around him that took the time to listen. He had a lot of qualities that MY father had, and I will miss him so. Everyone his life touched will miss him so.

He always welcomed me with hugs and kisses........he is with our Lord now. From what I understand he had little pain and passed quietly in his sleep....a reflection on the way he lived his life in a way.

Thanks for taking the time to read.