'My 60 Memorable Games' by Bobby Fischer [Game #2 vs Larsen]

Nov 6, 2011, 10:50 AM |

The following an excerpt from Bobby Fischer's book 'My 60 Memorable Games'. I have included the introduction by Larry Evans as written in the book, and the notation by Bobby Fischer will appear as you move forward through the moves of the game. I hope to post more games from the book at a later date if I get the time. If you have a particular game from the book you like to see given the chess.com treatment, then please let me know in the comments to this blog.

Game 2 - Fischer vs Larsen

Slaying the Dragon

Although the Sicilian, as a whole, is still the best fighting defence at Black's disposal, much of the steam has been taken out of the time-honoured Dragon Variation. This is one of the key games that helped to better its reputation. In a laudable attempt to create complications, Larsen deviates from the book on move 15. That proves to be disastrous, since his counter-attack never gets started. Mechanically, routinely, Fischer pries open the h-file, sacrificing first a pawn and then the exchange. There is an aura of the inevitable about the outcome. Here the notes are as instructive and lucid as the text, which is an object lesson in how to mount an assault against the fianchettoed king position.