'My 60 Memorable Games' by Bobby Fischer [Game #5 vs Rossetto]

Nov 8, 2011, 12:08 PM |

The following is an excerpt from Bobby Fischer's book 'My 60 Memorable Games'. I have included the introduction to this chapter by Larry Evans as written in the book, and the notation by Bobby Fischer will appear as you move forward through the moves of the game.

Game 5: Fischer vs Rossetto

The Unpleasant Obligation

This game exemplifies most dramatically the German expression zugzwang. Unable to achieve any workable advantage from the opening or middle-game, Fischer embarks on an equally unpromising ending. He manages, however, after 19. Nd5, to acquire a bishop against a knight. Subsequently he employs an unusual rook manoeuvre along the third rank (23. Ra3) in order to make spatial inroads. Rossetto unwittingly cooperates and soon is faced by a rare predicament: although material is equal, any move he makes must disturb the precarious balance and hasten his own disaster. That is zugzwang and, appropriately, Rossetto resigns.