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Jun 29, 2011, 2:52 AM 0

Getting better results in chess isn't just about chess strength. That may be he most important thing, of course, but other factors are important too, and as I work to come back to chess after a long layoff, I'm beginning to remember what some of those challenges are for me. Additionally, I've got the new ones...the ones that come with more advancing age. Like, forgetting I've taken my glasses off, and thinking that the incredible blurriness of the board and pieces is just a Temporary Ischemic Attack. Or the problem I'm beginning to have with elimination control, which results in sudden and uncontrollable eruptions (particularly embarassing in quiet chess halls). I suppose that this particular problem could prove a weapon, if I only dared to use it. I'll never forget a club player I knew years ago, who used this to quite an advantage. The man was effecting game results tables away. Those were good times....

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