Is hello necessary?

Aug 10, 2008, 8:13 AM |

I must say I have had quite enough of people who belittle others to make themselves feel bigger.

On this site you reach out and challenge members for a game and if there is some chess chemistry there, you may go on to play many other games. Well This is what happened with an opponent of mine. We have played two games in the past and I have lost, but I wished to keep up our challenge. I never took stock to see how much we were messaging back and forth, but as in most of my games, I send a message when necessary or in response to a message sent to me. Well after losing yet another game I requested a rematch, hoping that I was not being a nuisance. When I signed in the next day my opponent was offline, but I noticed they had responded with kind words to my game request. I made my first move and added conditional moves, as I was familiar with the sequence.

Upon signing in a little later I was greeted with the note "well in my country the first thing people say to each other is hello; what about your country"? I stared at the note in disbelief. I wasn't sure if I should ignore it or blaze him with my wit (hence the name Badgal4ever). No matter how sophisticated I have become, I am still a ghetto girl. "You can take the girl out of the bad, but not the bad out of the girl".

I decided to show him the errors of his ways, knowing we would still have to continue our game, I would have to be tactful and I did not want to cause any contention. I replied to his question; "There are two reasons why I didn't say hello.  1) You were not online and as soon as we were on together I would have said hello. 2) In chess there is a different etiquette than all other social gatherings. It is OK to sit in comfortable silence if you choose. I also notice that in your determination to say a snide remark to me, you forgot to say hello as well".

Please leave a comment to let me know if I am in the wrong... I would love to know.


P.S we have since continued our game with friendly banter, but I really would like to know if hello is necessary or if you do say hello and your opponent does not respond is that rude?