Bubblegum makes me ill.

Jun 19, 2009, 4:18 PM |

So... I have 5 friends and we go out once a month.  We each pick a theme or activity for the night.  These girls are all 15 years younger than me, so I thought it would be fun last month when it was my pick to have an 80s theme.  I dusted off my Cindi Lauper look and rubber braclets and set off for an 80s Bar, "The Breakfast Club".  Side note, the Billy Idol impersonator, grabbed my ass when I was getting into the dancing cage.  Boy, did I let out a rebel yell.  : )

Anyhoo, tonight they are forcing bubblegum on me.  They have learned of my adversion to that sort of expression and have turned on me.  All day, videos have been streaming into my email...


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Should I be scared???

I think so.  I believe I will steady my nerves with the help of my favorite Grey Goose.  Making the best out of a sticky situation, maybe it will give me a chance to practice my hair whips.