Nov 28, 2009, 10:27 AM |

So, here I am, minding my own business when I stumble upon an exchange involving me, my intelligence and strangely enough my baby blues.  Imagine my surprise at my name being bantered in such a vindictive and outright mean way.  True, I am often the subject of people's conversation, but most often in the most glowing of terms and admiration. 

Quotes from my offenders:

Even Bambi can't withhold her laughter. She knows you are
DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  by PrettyGoPale


Bambi doesn't have the capacity to recognize your impending death lurking right before her untrained inferior soon to be plucked out eyeballs   by Aristokatt

Let me outline my issue:

PGP implies with the word 'Even' that I am somehow slower than the average viewer, but Katt's defeat is so clear that even my dimwitted brain could not fail to see the path in which Katt finds himself, and find amusement in the fact.

Katt then goes even further and attests that I haven't that amount of capacity. Then he goes off on a weird tangent and he calls my eyes inferior... so what if I must wear corrective contact lens, we all can't be 20/20, elitist asshole.

Then, we have the threat of Katt wanting to claim my untrained eyeballs right out of my head.  Perhaps as a trophy, perhaps as some sick fetish activity, who knows. 

I am speechless... not really, otherwise I wouldn't have constructed this blog about it, but figuratively I am speechless.