For new members

Dec 24, 2009, 9:00 AM |

Welcome to! Here on this website we play chess games with others. If you lose a game.... you lose some of your rating which starts at 1200 when you join. It depends on the opponents rating for how much you lose rating. If you win, Your rating gets bumped up.

You can participate in both Vote Chess games or Team Matches. In Vote Chess your group will vote on a move and the move that was most voted on gets picked to be moved. Team Matches are where you and your group are up against an opponent from another group. A Tournament is almost the same thing as the Team Match.

If you are a member you can do many other things that a regular person on could do. You can get rid of adds, make groups, make a theme for your You can create some themes if you aren't a member too. There are three kinds of memberships on There is Gold Membership, Platinum Membership, and Diamond Membership. The Gold is $5 a month and $29 a year. The Platinum is $7 a month and $49 a year. And for Diamond it's $14 a month and $99 a year.

You can also as a added bonus join groups, make friends, give throphies, recieve throphies, post blogs, pictures, news, forums, your chess club, make events, become a listed coach, share a video, post a classified ad, tell your own status, track others on what they are doing, post notes, say your name, where you live, have a picture for your, send messages to others, and make an email that you can use.

If your a titled member you can become a Grandmaster, Womans Grandmaster, International Master, Woman Intl. Master, FIDE Master, Womans FIDE Master, National Master, or a Candidate Master!