Uzeyir Bay Hajibeyli - "KOROGLU" Overture

Jul 29, 2011, 5:14 AM |

Uzeyir Bay Hajibeyli - Overture to the opera "KOROGLU"

Valor has been lost where guns were invented 

National hero Koroglu (approx. XVI c.) is one of the leaders of the movement of Jalalies. Movement of peasants spread over Turkish cities, Azerbaijan and other territories at the middle of XVI-XVII c. Koroglu (real name Rovshan) was a son of the stableman Koca Yusif under the service of the Bay of Bolu. Koroglu (literally "son of the blind man") earns his name from the wrongful blinding of his father, an act for which the son takes his revenge and which initiates his series of adventures. The mare, which he names Kırat (literally Whitehorse), grows up with him and indeed turns into an animal of legendary stature and strength. Chanlibel fortress was Koroglu's main strong point. Most personalities in the epos (Gizir oglu Mustafa Bay, Kosa Safar, Jafar, Hasan Pasha & etc.) are the historical personalities. A number of songs and melodies attributed to Koroglu survives in the folk tradition. He is portrayed as a brave warrior and an ozan.