Debut of : Answer Me This!

Aug 10, 2011, 5:45 PM |

Today, I have decided to make a quiz show-thingy ma bob. I call it...

Answer Me This!

I ask 20 questions. 10 of them can be normally answered(some may be hard), and the tenth question will be extremely hard, but it will have a real answer. But the other half are "impossibles." Those are(sometimes trick)questions with answers only I know.

Anyone can participate, even if your not on my friends lists! I'll give you a week or two to submit your answers. Then in the next "Answer Me This!" I'll give the previous edition's answers before we start the new game.

So now...

It's time for...

Answer Me This!

Normal Questions:

1. What does E=mc2 represent?

2. What does pi equal?

3. Who wrote the Declaration of Independance?

4. What are the three numbers at the beginning of a phone number for? (Ex: (382)394-7739.)

5. How many kittens will a queen(aka female cat) produce in a lifetime?

6. True or False: Sharks never get sick.

7. What is the only food that never spoils?

8. The tip of your nose and your ears are made out of _________.

9. What is the most common last name?

10. HARD QUESTION: The tip of the shoelace is called the ________.



11. What is the name of the Harry Potter creature I am so afraid of?

12. Why are Mario and Luigi's noses so big?

13. If a train leaves Cincinnati at 3 am, what time will the plane crash in New York?

14. A giant waffle is haunting me and I like jerky. WHAT DO I DO DR. PHIL?!?

15.  What Legend of Zelda creature scares me the most?

16. What's the house I'll be sorted in if I was at Hogwarts?

17. How many dogs do I own?

18. What kind of wizard am I in Wizard101?

19. Why do I think Captain Olimar is so cute?


Tune in next week(or in two if there are no submissions) for the answers and the next installment of...

Answer Me This!

Stay smart!