Weird Things About Gaming

Apr 2, 2012, 10:41 PM |

1) If someone who doesn't normally watch you play comes to take a look, chances are, if you are on a part you have struggled on before, you will most likely do well.

2) If you say a part of the game is easy, it will be hard (and vice versa).

3) On multiplayer games similar to Mario Party, during minigames, if no one has lost yet, and someone remarks about it, chances are someone will fail (coughRunawayGuyscough).
4) On a part of a game that is known to cause people trouble, if you know that fact about that part and expect yourself to fail many times, you will likely beat it on your first try.
5) On RPG style fighting games, if you get your opponent down to low HP, and remark that you have them, they will likely heal (or something similar to healing).
6) If you are facing an opponent that is known for a devesitating attack and you are dreading it, it either will happen immeditately or happen towards the end of the battle.
Strange, but true (at least when I watch LP's on Youtube).