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  Once a loser always a loser..

  interesting chess:

  Swap pawns to win...

  To separate the wheat from the chaff.. Cool

  --> smug mode.... yes sir!

  ouch separate intrusion resourcefulness.. get every other game analyses and follow it up take something support the advance

  apparently this is a won end-game: tempo not enough fire power


  ..connected rooks! step 1: connect the rooks JRgascon again versus e4 Nf6 .. luck... what are combinations? now,.. just play!


  Space is pride and wins 


  stop......  look and listen!!

  Brain fade:



  1600000000000 Innocent just awaiting advantage...

  ?? yay

  failure= confusion of principles reach swift compact (give: reach to teach) --> i need 500 verbs in paragraphs, but not really! speak in paragraphs, or sometimes phrases!


  ugly wins

  attack and defence

  develop and finish:

  fight to move

  slow the fuck down dood



  contentment is a powerful centre because that is where true movement comes from: fight to move! ...The King becomes the tied piece in the end I suppose?!?

 ... GOLDEN sites, support

 Love of money and nothing else will ruin Sparta. get the rooks in Money Mouth .. and the pawn wedge not happy



The great concern in Abbott buying more time is that people invariably revert to type once the pressure is off. Which is but one reason Credlin must go if Abbott is to seriously reinvent himself and make it convincing."


 leadership is swapping pawns...