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Where did they come From?

Mar 19, 2016, 7:47 AM 3

I know grandmasters are the best in the world and world champions are the elite. But, recently when I am playing live chess I watch a few of the top games, and I think. Where have these people come from? I don't mean GMS or IMs, but FMs and NMs and even non titled players, they have really upped their games and ratings! They are not the same rating in classical chess or real life but online in blitz and bullet they can really keep up the pace! For example lets start with blitz. I know, Hikaru, Wesley.So are at the top and so are many others, but what about FMs or NMs or Non titled players. FM Tampa Chess 2630,FM renatoterrylu 2674, NM The Truth 2571, and I am sure there are a few more. These are some non titled players: Nguyenxi 2567, arnorli 2566, Slavenov 2650. That's just blitz, here are some bullet ratings and players. I know Hikaru is top of the list again, and some other players are Penguingm1 and LiemLe. But here are some FMs, NMs and some non titled players. FM GulamatirRises 2945, FM Bahadir Ozen 2818, FM Torre42 2801, NM adypady02 2800 and some non titled players are 12 teen 2774, and gafch008 2758. I am not trying to offend GMs or IMs they are unreal players and will become world champions one day and some already are, but just think ''Where did They come From?''

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