Geelong Chess Open

Sep 3, 2011, 7:08 PM |
I thought I would post my games from the Geelong Chess Open weekender back at the end of May. This was my second tournament with time limits of longer than 15'. The time control was 60'+30" per move

I ended up on 3/6 wins, and took out the $100 junior prize without even getting a chance to go against any of the other couple of juniors. (Bobby Cheng was there but came equal overall 1st so wasn't elligble for the junior prize)

I won all my games as black and lost all my games as white. I ended up on equal 11th/26

Other games from the tournament as well as results can be seen on Tornelo

Here for my first game, the round was supposed to start at 7pm on the friday night but I had to get the train down after school and didn't get there til 8pm. I had this organised beforehand so they knew I would be late. When I arrived my clock had been started and had gone down 10 minutes.

 My opponent hadn't played in many tournaments for a while and had driven 13 hours from Adelaide just to come to this!

Just the fact that I reached a winning position against someone rated above 1500 was very encouraging for me.

For round 2 I once again made it to a winning position and then blundered the game away!

 And once again I was in a winning postition against a 1500+ player but blundered it! It was time to win a couple now.

 Now I was up agaisnt Ben Kersten who is the current President of the Geelong Chess Club.


With only 2 rounds to go and currently on 2/4 I was hoping for one or two more wins.


The final round I was playing against Andrew Wemyss, the former president of the Geelong Chess Club and got to play another Benko Gambit.