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Anand leads Candidates after R9

Anand leads Candidates after R9

Mar 23, 2014, 10:38 AM 2

It seems he wasn´t just joking with everyone when he started as the leader of this tournament in the early rounds. After the 9th round, the former World Champion Vishy Anand is leading Candidates 2014, 1 full point ahead of Levon Aronian. Still 5 rounds to be played, but the Indian GM is really letting know all those (including me) who supposed his retirement was near how wrong they were. Certainly, this kind of performance wasn´t expected. He didn´t show his best chess in Zurich for instance. There were even rumours saying he wouldn´t play here. But facts are facts: Carlsen vs Anand rematch is very likely right now. He isn´t playing any astonishing chess but he is very solid and takes his chances to win when his opponents allow him to. Today he beat Topalov in Carlsen´s style: better middlegame, better endgame, keep pushing until there is no hope.

Levon Aronian, the other great contender didn´t have a good game today. He started quite promising, unveiling a very interesting home preparation in the 4.f3 Nimzo Indian. But the position arising was extremely complicated and, as Levon admitted, he underestimated it. Time trouble didn´t help either:

Karjakin beat Kramnik in a very long and technical game and Vlad is now almost definitely out of battle for the highest spot. The 4th game of the round was a draw between Andreikin and Svidler. 5 more rounds to be played, hoping for more exciting chess.

Have a nice day everyone and thanks for watching.

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