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Beautiful queens sacrifices in the USChess Champs 2014

Beautiful queens sacrifices in the USChess Champs 2014

May 10, 2014, 5:08 AM 2

The 2014 US Chess Champioships are being played in the chess capital city of USA, St Louis. Once again, they have organized a wonderful event with tons of strong GMs playing in both men´s and women´s events. Gata Kamsky and Timur Gareev are probably the biggest favourites but there are certainly other very talanted GMs like Robson, Naroditsky or Ramirez. A very interesting line up indeed. In the women´s section we have Irina Krush and Anna Zatonskih as the main candidates for the title but some young girls are showing really good chess too.

The first round was more or less quiet in the men´s section, but women are always eager to fight. We saw a beautiful queen sac to finish the colourful game Abrahamyan vs Melekhina:

In the second round there were much more hard fough games in both section. So far, I have analyzed the truly amazing Lenderman vs Gareev game. The middlegame has some really flashy lines, including another queen sacrifice:

So far so good, let us hope for more entertaining games. Thanks for watching!

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