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Candidates Tournament after round 4

Candidates Tournament after round 4

Mar 17, 2014, 3:28 PM 1

So, no less than 4 rounds have been played at the Candidates 2014. Anand is still leading with authority, it seems he has recovered his confidence and is playing as he really knows. Can you just imagine a Carlsen-Anand rematch?

His victory against Mamedyarov was quite smooth:

Follwing the Indian GM are Vlad Kramnik and Levon Aronian (who play each other tomorrow, somehing you just shouldn´t miss!). The Armenian genius recovered pretty well from the 1st round defeat and won against Mamedyarov in style, with a ver nice tactical trick:

Today he kept winning in another rather amazing game which will be remembered for a long time. In the 4th round his victim was Svidler, who actually outprepared Levon (you can´t say that every day) but eventually lost the game:

And of course we have Vladimir the great Kramnik, ever solid and extremely well prepared in the openings, he isnt having much problems to keep the the pace of the leaders. His victory against Karjakin is interesting:

In the 4th he drew the game with Anand, and if you think draws are boring you´ll better take a look at all the crazy variations of this Queen´s gambit:

And we still have 10 more rounds to be played!! See you, have a nice day everybody.

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