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Carlsen wins Gashimov Memorial

Carlsen wins Gashimov Memorial

Apr 30, 2014, 2:28 PM 2

After losing two in games in a row in the first part of the tournament, Carlsen started twe second half winning, once again, his battle with Mamedyarov.

The clash with Nakamura on R7 was highly expected as they have been having an interesting rivalry for some time, although Hikaru has been really struggling against Magnus in classical chess. This time the story didn´t change: Nakamura had an interesting position out from another 4.f3 Nimzo but Carlsen found the initiative when Hikaru played somehow passive. Another victory for Magnus:

Before the last round, both Caruana and Carlsen were tied for the 1st place, and luckily for the spectators they had to decide the winner playing against each other in the 10th. The game was rather an interesting one, as Carlsen more or less forced Fabiano to sacrifice a pawn and try to attack to prove his compensation. The Italian GM didn´t find it and eventually Magnus won the game and the tournament.

Not a very smooth tournament for the World Champion, with some ups and downs, but once again he clinches the first place in a strong tournament.

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