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Carlsen´s games in Tromsø Chess Olympiad

Carlsen´s games in Tromsø Chess Olympiad

Aug 8, 2014, 4:56 AM 5

Chess Olympiads have never been Carlsen´s favourite tournaments. In the Istanbul Chess Olympiad in 2012 he played well, scored 4 wins and 4 draws for Norway. In khanty Mansysk 2010 he lost 3(!!) games and 15.3 elo points. That said, this year his homeland Norway is hosting the Chess Olympiad, so he seems to be engaged to his team and has played most games so far on the 1st board.

His first victory came against Djukic from Montenegro, an average GM. As always, Magnus didnt want to prove anything in the opening, he just got a playable position and let his opponent make the mistakes.

On the 4th round he faced a long time coach of Anand and a very well known opening specialist, Radoslaw Wojtaszek from Poland. Magnus didnt want to get updated on the Najdorf, as the Polish GM is arguably world´s biggest specialist on the sharp najdorf. He rather played a sound and solid closed sicilian and slowly outplayed his 2700+ GM in the middlegame. Really making it look easy:

In the 5th round Norway had a very tough match against 3 times Olympiad champions from Armenia. Aronian vs Carlsen was the top board, the highest rated game you can nowdays get in chess. Carlsen chose a solid slav structure:

So far so good, Magnus is having a 2856 performance, something very normal for him :) Today he faces another of his main competitors at the elite, the mighty Caruana from Italy. Let us see how it goes as Fabiano has been able to beat him a couple of times lately.

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