Instructive games from the 2014 Chess Olympiad

Instructive games from the 2014 Chess Olympiad

Aug 12, 2014, 5:57 AM |

Hi folks, how you´re doing?

The Chess Olympiad in Norway is slowly going towards the end and so far we´ve had tons of great chess games, upsets, time troubles, even a dissappeared team (Burundi I believe). Let us see some nice and instructive game from Tromso:

Kramnik isn´t having a great tournament but he left us with some good stuff in his game against Al-Modiahki from Qatar. Space advantage, harmonious pieces, quick development are important in this game:


In his game against Negi (India), Fabiano Caruana showed us not all Berlin endgames are boring and senseless. Here Fabiano keeps getting space advantage, open file control and finally capitalizes his advantage using black king´s weakness.


What about a basic rule in chess like castling? Giving your king a safe place during the opening is something all kids are teached from their very first chess lessons. Exceptions exist but having the king in the center makes the position vulnerable to tactical measures and even strong GMs like Brunello (Italy) are sometimes punished for being careless:


Bacrot-Laznicka may be one of my favourite games in this tournament so far. Etienne plays a positional gem right from the opening, getting a clear target for his well coordinated pieces, gets the control of the important e file in a really amazing way and exploits his well placed pieces with some tactical fireworks against black king. A classical game to-be in my opinion:


Finally, let´s see if you can spot the really beautiful tactical combination played by veteran Spanish GM Miguel Illescas. Very aesthethical:

If you found the games interesting, you may find much more of them analyzed in this playlist: (21 videos so far).You can support my channel subscribing following this link:


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