Social experiment UPDATED

Social experiment UPDATED

Apr 5, 2015, 8:12 AM |

Hi folks, how you´re doing.

Being absolutely fed up with childish and unpolite behaviour in live chess (an issue which I really think is a huge problem on this live server, maybe more on this later...) I am just going to try something stupid, just for the sake of stats. 

For the next say 50 games of 5/0 blitz I will be saying "Hi, have a nice day" before making any move. Then I will play the game normally as I ususally do. Later I will make a little post with people´s reaction. Anyone willing to bet?


Ok, it didnt reach the number of games I wanted to but still the conclusions maybe relevant (or not). Out of 23 opponents in blitz games (5/0) I got this responses to my : "Hi, have a nice day".

1. Nothing

2. Nothing. 

3. Nothing.

4. Nothing.

5. Nothing.

6. Nothing.

7. Nothing.

8. Nothing.

9. hi thanx



12. hi, you too

13. thx same to u

14. nothing

15. nothing

16. thx u2

17. Nothing.

18. nothing

19. nothing

20. nothing

21. nothing

22. nothing


23. hi, same to u

If I go back to blitz games anyday I might as well continue counting people´s response. Till that happens or we meet on the board, have a nice day everybody!