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Tough rounds for Hikaru

Tough rounds for Hikaru

Jan 22, 2014, 9:04 AM 2

Nakamura has had some difficult days in Tata Steel Tournament, a couple of defeats and another which he could have easily losed.

First, he played a Berlin endgame against Dominguez from Cuba. Although white didnt find the victory, Hikaru was fighting all the game and finally was ablr to draw.

After this game, a couple of sicilians. First, with white pieced against Van Wely. The dutch GM found himself in a pleasant middlegame and didnt let it slip. He steadily improved his position while Hikaru wasnt able to find himself on the board. Some nice tactical lines in this games.

And finally, black pieces against Harikrishna from India. The opening was quite pleasant for black, in fact Naka sacrificed a pawn for activity and it didnt seem he would have serious problems. But all of a sudden, white had some kingside attacking chances and Hikaru blundered badly, allowing white a killing attack.

I really hope the rest day will help him recover confidence so he will show us in the remaining games his real level. Good luck Hikaru!

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