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Wesley So leading ACP Golden Classics in Italy

Wesley So leading ACP Golden Classics in Italy

Jul 17, 2014, 2:56 AM 0

Bergamo, Italy, is holding a very nice chess tournament these days, a strong closed tournament between 7 strong GMs. The lineup includes So, Jobava, Sutovsky, Almasi, Nepomniatchi and local GMs Vocaturo and Brunello.

In each round, one of the players (remember, there are 7 of them) rests and helps with the commentary in the official website. Another interesting point is that the games can be adjourned after 5 hours of play, like in the old pre-engine days; in fact some games have already had this fate though players have decided the result before going back to the board (it seems their engines agreed).

So far, Wesley So is leading the tournament, showing a very solid performance. As always, the ever creative Jobava from Georgia is leaving us some crazy and uncompromised games. If I had to choose one game, I´d probably take Brunello-Sutovsky from the 3rd round (which overall, was full of delightfull games), a 19th century like game in which the goal is the quick checkmate! Below you can see the video recaps of the first 3 round, with all the games analyzed. Hope you enjoy them and thanks for watching!

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