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Wesley So, victorious in Bergamo

Wesley So, victorious in Bergamo

Jul 22, 2014, 1:50 PM 0

Wesley So, the young and talented GM from Philipinnes had no problems to take the first place at the 2º ACP Golden Classic chess tournament in Bergamo (Italy). His games were very solid, showing mature chess, being in no rush and playing precise moves to take advantage of his opponent´s "mistakes".

Baadur Jobava, the ever creative Georgian GM put the spice and pepper to the tournament, playing original and creative games, though he was sometimes punished for being overambitous out of some dubious defences (check out his game against So in R6). Nepomniatchi didnt have the tournament of his life and it is clear he is capable of much better performances. As for the local italian players, they showed they can compete in good conditions with strong 2700+ GMs.

A great tournament overall, with very few short draws and lots of really interesting games. Below you can see the video-recaps of the last rounds, with all the games being analyzed.

Have a nice day and thanks for watching!

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