BTCL Varsity Results Round 1

Oct 22, 2014, 9:17 AM |

Hey everyone

Sorry about the late posting but we've been busy with school. 

Both Whitewater and Dearborn started off with forfeits against Northwestern and Oshkosh respectively and the U of MN Twin Cities had a bye.  Teams in first place are University of Wisconsin Madison and University of Michigan Ann Arbor with 5-0 wins over Purdue and Michigan State.  University of Illinois - CU started off with 4.5 against Purdue with a draw on Board 4 where alexd8323 got a draw against NM redchessman. 

Pairings will be posted for Round 2 soon, which will be on November 1st at 12 central.  I understand that the games were not able to be viewed last time but has said that they are working on labels much the same as with the USCL. 

We will also try to get some of the titled players to post their annotated games here for extra learning!

Good luck to all the teams!

Ian Stone