Round 6 JV pairings

Feb 27, 2015, 11:19 AM |

Hey everyone, 

The JV pairings for round 6 are here! Match is at the usual noon tomorrow, February 28th, with the same old 90 minute 5 second delay time control. Please try to be online and ready at least 15 minutes ahead of time to avoid chaos and confusion. 

1. Young, Walter (4.0,nnnn) vs Richman, Jonothan (4.5,2078)
2. Kerfeld, Bart (3.5,nnnn) vs Bommannan, Ozzy (4.5,1725)
3. James, Jefferson (4.5,1663) vs Vogel, Steven (3.5,nnnn)
4. Waechter, Mark (3.5,1764) vs Cannon, Wes (3.0,1877)
5. Henderson, Tommie (3.0,1183) vs Dahiya, Anuj (3.0,2005)
6. Beauchamp, Nathan (3.0,1776) vs Stone, Ian (2.5,1322)
7. Carter, Michael (2.5,nnnn) vs Abzhabarov, Firdavs (2.0,nnnn)
8. Fourre, Joshua (2.5,nnnn) vs Gaffney, John (2.5,nnnn)

1.0 Gupta, Saagar (1.5,1880) BYE 
0.5 Belorusov, Nikolay (2.0,nnnn) BYE REQUESTED
0.5 Tran Bach, Hai (2.5,nnnn) BYE REQUESTED
0.5 Xu, Jingshu (4.0,1726) BYE REQUESTED
0.5 Kanoria, Kushagra (3.0,nnnn) BYE REQUESTED
0.0 Scarchilli, Adam (1.5,nnnn) BYE REQUESTED
0.0 Hamati, Ibrahim (1.5,nnnn) BYE REQUESTED

Also, please try to stay online afterwards and discuss the games with your opponent. I know some may be upset after a tough loss, but we are here to learn and improve our chess. 

Good luck to everyone!