Day 1 at TATA Steel chess - Beat the top seed!

Day 1 at TATA Steel chess - Beat the top seed!


Hi friends!

I'll be playing 6 games at TATA steel this year, and I plan to share them with you every day! Exciting stuff isn't it? Let's get right to it!

On my first day I faced the top seed with 1988 (my rating is 1938). It was an exciting game where my opponent sacrificed a pawn and I tried to hold out his attack, I did! To make things interesting, I'll post some key moments of the game, here is the first one, right where I would win the pawn:

As you can tell, the game is already exciting! With Nxe5 I win the pawn, however I lack development and my f7 pawn is very weak.. can I hold this position? Let's see what happened a few moves after!

Things are looking quite grim! Even though I'm a pawn up, white has a lot of space, all of his pieces are developed and my knight is stuck on a6 defending c7. On to the next position:

As you can see, the idea of black is put as much pressure on f7 as humanly possible. I can barely hold on to my extra pawn and now, with my rook on f8. I can finally move my knight to a better position and get him in to the game.

A big trade off happened and I withstood the attack of white. All I need to do now is clean up and make sure that extra pawn will win me the game!

The final position, white capitulated and congratulated me with a strong game. blacks pawns will promote before whites pawn does. Interested in the entire game? I'll post it below right here so you can view it. Let me know in the comments what you thought of this. See you all tomorrow when I review game #2!

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