General Guidelines for Engagement (Revised)

General Guidelines for Engagement (Revised)

May 12, 2010, 9:13 PM |

General guidelines. Rules are too confining for my tastes. Smile

1. I am not currently accepting any challenges. If you would like to play me, send a message; ask. I will oblige. I stressed myself out with too many games. I am trying to cut the number to around 20. Maybe less. Not there yet.

2. I hate, abhor, despise timeouts. If you do not care enough to hit that little resign button - you know, the one that says "resign" - then I do not want to play you. Sorry. It is what it is. I have no timeouts. :)

3. I usually do not challenge. I have been more brave in this regard. If I like the things in your profile; your blogs; your postings; the names of your games; then I will consider challenging you. I am basically shy - really. I can be quite charming. I will ask you nicely and give you reasons to play.

4. If you timeout on me, I will not challenge you. Unless you make the request. It is on you if you want to play me.

5. I love playing chess. It is an amazing game. When I stop and focus on my moves, I feel calm, centered and balanced... for a moment.

That is all... thanks for your time and attention. :)

Yes. I am still Spock's secret love child. No. It was not the green chick. Wink