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Feb 2, 2008, 9:51 AM 7

Hi! I am Billy. born in 1952 and still as bad at chess as I was all those years ago at school! Very much an old beginner! I am retired early; and potter around in gardens for fun in my beautiful local village town, Cruden Bay, which is 25miles north of Aberdeen, Scotland.

It has a beach 2 miles long, a harbour, a castle, 5 hotels and spectacular cliffs and rocks perfect for ornithology... it is a FABULOUS place - have a look see...http://www.crudenbay.net : a wife, 3 kids (2b1g) all grown up and fled the nest. Born in Glasgow and a lifelong Glasgow Rangers man. Till the day I die...

Brand new to chess.com and currently only playing family and friends but am happy to play anyone who knows who Black Bob was.... clue - he is an old comic character, a dog - in fact a border Collie, which happens to be my name......cheers 

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