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Figured Out The Opening

May 12, 2010, 11:05 AM 0

I've recently been playing against a friend who would use an opening on me that I was hating to play against as it always seemed to get either too complex for me to handle or outright lose to him within the first few moves. The name of the opening he uses is called the C50: Italian Game: Giuoco Pianissimo. It made me question whether the basic opening rules of chess where developing my pieces was the best way to handle this opening or not but in the end the basic rules still apply as I will demonstrate. I'm sure you higer rated players have had this figured out already but some of us lower rated players can use a hand at times and I hope that with this blog entry someone might be enlightened. So without any further interruption here is what I've learned. Also please feel free to leave any comments as they will be of great value to me and possibly any other person who could be reading this after yourself.

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