My Revived Team

Mar 2, 2010, 5:32 PM |

This is my first ever blog. It is about my group.

          I created this group to be an all around group— vote chess, team matches, leagues, and nice features. For a while I didn't really know how to run a group, and it became somewhat dead. Then, a month ago, I (now with experience at running groups) decided it was time to bring back the group. I put tons of time in, and in one month, took the group from 28 members, to a thriving and active group with over 150 members and still growing!

Group Description:
          We're a group created for all chess players. Whether you live, eat, sleep, and breathe chess, or are the novice chess player who just wants to play, you are certainly welcome here. We have team matches, vote chess, and will be adding anything else we can. We are going to try to make FSVL this season! So please, come and join Chess Destination!