Famous Swindled Series

Famous Swindled Series

Jul 1, 2014, 3:49 PM |

Learn about the most famous Swindler, U.S. Champion Frank Marshall,  a gifted tactician who was one of the world's strongest players in the early 20th century.

Famous Chess Swindles, Part I 


Learn a very instructional endgame tactic from the game dubbed the "Swindle of the Century," the game between Evans and Reshevsky, from the 1963-65 U.S. Championship.

Famous Chess Swindles, Part II 


Learn about the Monster-ous Swindle, a stunning example of using active play to save a lost position, as conducted by the British grandmaster Tony Miles, an accomplished swindler. It comes from the game Miles versus Short, London 1980.

Famous Chess Swindles, Part III 


The Immortal losing game is a tribute to the loser's attempt to swindle his way out of losing. From the game, Bogdan Sliwa - David Bronstein. Totally losing the game, Bronstein continues on, and still manages to find ways to try to trip up White.

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