Bobby Fischer Video Series

Bobby Fischer Video Series


BK Academy of Chess presents the game of Bobby Fischer in a nine part video series which includes traps, sacrifices, questions to test your tactics, and much more. It even includes one of my games... Bobby shows us how to play the King's Gambit with the black pieces, while Black__Knight shows us how 'not' to play with the white pieces.  Folks, I'm by far no master but I do think this is a very instructional video series that you will enjoy watching. So let's get started:

Video 1:

Barendregt Variation: Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation



Video 2:

Magnus Smith Trap 


Video 3

Like Bobby: Modern Sicilian Defense, Kan Variation 



Video 4:

Like Bobby: Sicilian Defence, Scheveningen Variation 



Video 5:

Sicilian Defense, Najdorf Variation 



Video 6:

Like Bobby: Yugoslav Attack, Dragon Variation 



Video 7:

Famous Chess Blunders 2 



Video 8: 

Black Knight's Missed Opportunity 



Video 9:

The Game of the Century, Bobby Fischer at 13 


Bonus Video: 

Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation