So what's your favorite opening?

So what's your favorite opening?

Jul 16, 2014, 8:44 PM |

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50 Videos Covering Opening Theory 

A51: Budapest Gambit, Kieninger - Trap

A56: Benoni Defense: Modern Variation -

A80: Dutch Defense -

A82: Staunton Gambit -

B07–B09: Pirc Defense -

B10: Caro-Kann Defense -

B27: Sicilian Defense -

B36: Sicilian Defense: Accelerated Dragon -

B57: Sicilian Defense: Magnus Smith trap -

B70–B79: Sicilian Defence: Dragon Variation -

B80: Sicilian Defense: Scheveningen Variation -

B90: Sicilian Defense, Najdorf Variation -

B97: Poisoned Pawn Variation -

C00: French Defense -

C01: Kingston Defense -

C30: King's Gambit - 

C40: The Elephant Trap, QGD -

C44: Scotch Game -

C46: Four Knights Game -

C46: Four Knights Game: The Halloween Gambit -

C50: Italian Game: Schilling-Kostic Gambit -

C53: Giuoco Piano, Classical Variation, Closed Variation -

C51: Evans Gambit -

C57: Two Knights Defense -

C60: Ruy Lopez -

C63: Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defense -

C68–C69 Ruy Lopez, Closed Defence -

C66 C83: Ruy Lopez: Tarrasch Trap -

C65: Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense - Mortimer Trap -

C84-C87 Ruy Lopez - Open Defense -

C88 C71: Ruy Lopez: Noah's ark trap -

C89: Ruy Lopez, Marshall Attack -

D00: Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, Halosar Trap -

D02: QGD: Baltic Defense -

D06: QGD: Marshall Defense -

D06: Austrian Defense -

D07: Quen's Gambit Refused: Chigorin Defense -

D08: Albin Countergambit, Lasker Trap -

D10: Slav Defense -

D20: Queen's Gambit Accepted -

D30: Queen's Gambit Declined -

D80: Gruenfeld Defense -

E11: Bogo-Indian Defence, Monticelli Trap -

E20: Nimzo-Indian Defense - 

E92: King's Indian Defense -

Maróczy Bind -

Stonewall Attack -