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The Montimer Trap - Move by Move

The Montimer Trap - Move by Move

Aug 15, 2012, 10:10 AM 3
The Mortimer Trap (http://goo.gl/wPCb0)  is set by Black from the Berlin Defense of the Ruy Lopez.  It's a slightly inferior move but the bait is irresistable which makes it worth trying, esspecially in Blitz Chess. However, White can take the bait and end the game quickly if Black doesn't know how to follow through correctly.
Work through the puzzles, then watch the video at the end.

In the above diagram, Nc4 is White's best move and it's very dangerous if Black does not know how to follow through (see the video at the end or at http://goo.gl/wPCb0).

In the above diagram, e5 was whites best move but cxb5 is the correct way for Black to continue.


The answer to the above diagram is e5.  See the following Puzzle, it's more positional than tactical, but it's White's best continuation to equalize. See if you can find the continuation, but it's not easy.

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